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    totally agree JJ Hythane is up and coming but im hanging to find out how many (if any) units we have sold as i do not believe that the Co will inform us on every unit sold, however remember we've sold units in India and America which tells me there is a market out there.

    Also that tea producer had something like 3-4 Gensets per block and 50 blocks, with a saving of $100k a year per unit (based on the bigns) not to mention all the environmental bonus's.

    Surely thats attractive?

    Im also intrigued with this Hydrogen internal combustion engine that was mentioned in the agm presentation last November, hopefully theres an update next ann.

    Surely this stock is worth more than .068c, it breaks my friggn heart but hey thats the game i guess.

    Don't worry bout me selling, LoL, couldn't get rid of my holding in a week of trading if i wanted too!

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