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just in case u missed the big pix

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    earlier, have reposted Uncle Alf's latest wake-up call to his alien mates

    Now that I can see thru the settled dust, seems to me HNC were conned outa 6 mill shares at a firesale and dribbled out to a waiting local reef pack in feeding frenzy. If that pack are true investors, then stock will remain as tight as ever. If not, we may have up to that number in the way to get through.

    Meanwhile the bids are increasing in size and I susupect this will accelerate cos its getting under more radar screens which werent tuned in as Alf says.

    Re Oxides ....... who cares , it happenes when it happens.

    Re Sulphides ...... THATS the main game in town atm, HNC's priority and they would be KEEN ....... Copper back to 356 heading for 6 reckons I and LEAD 1.24 heading for 2 reckons Hots.

    Re Uranium .... in our hands solo and OUR priority ....... Alf seems to have some insights as to how we can get to 5 mill lbs pa from the JUNGLE alone haha.

    Re whats next ......... we have been told that THIS YEAR we should have Oxides production, Browns Superpit Resource/Reserves ugrades, Mt Fitch Uranium resource / reserves upgrades and a HOST of drill results ongoing. AND not to be unederestimated, heading toward the THREE legs of the stool GT cited back in 2005 AGM.

    Meanwhile CMR share price sits at a MODEST PE ratio on its Oxides alone and poss level of future divvies (sum of parts) looking out 3 - 5 years says Gamias haha ...... and who's arguing ???

    Problem is we have all been spoilt with 400% pa last coupla years and getting impatient. Cant argue with that ...... u gotta each do what u gotta each do.

    Personally, yeah last Friday turned out a false alarm for sum of all my fears ...... but thats an added dimension I personally expect and WELCOME beyond the norm mentioned above.

    Next move confirming the "c" should take it to 8 bucks IMO by EOY. But wouldnt be surprised at all to still see another 400% pa from here into 2009/10 if Alf gets his "spot" call right on an "expanded" sulphides.

    USDX just a tad over 81 now Hots. Danger/opportunity looms.

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