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    Hi folks,

    Since you're a bug, you're probably familiar with FSO and with Sinclair, and so you've probably read this one from today.

    But, if you haven't, here 'tis:-

    Tech Review with Jim Sinclair

    Window of opportunity opens for gold over the next 10 trading days.

    (from 12.11.2 ------->25.11.2 - dub)

    Comments from Jim Sinclair

    Probabilities support the exhaustion of downside pressure on gold bullion by the end of this week. It also appears now as if Major Resistance stands not at $330, but rather at $326.

    As a result of this, a close over $326 strongly indicates that gold will rise to $332 and then into the $338 to $343 range with Major Resistance at the top side of $338 to $343.

    A close over $326 within the next ten days will yield a period of positive market action of, IMO, no less than 15 weeks to a maximum of 27 weeks.

    This is a major HEADS UP for a significant change in character of the gold market which now is possible.

    For techies, there's also a chart associated with this. You can find it through


    bye. dub
    (ps. G'day Chuck)

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