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    I did some looking back to see some of the reaction & posts here on HC when FMG made its spectacular run from 60 cents to $3 .. then to $6 ... and, ah well, we know the rest!

    Now I am not comparing MAK to FMG, but the point being that so many refuse to believe it when something special happens to a stock. They pull out every negative in the book trying to "convince" themselves why they are not onboard! Interesting study in human phsycology!

    I still remember reading a post here that Langer Heinrich must be a dud because PDN only paid $10k for it. That sort of reasoning comes out.

    Well anyway, enjoy the read below ... some of them will make you chuckle. By the way, I didnt name any of the posters, but quite are few are till around on HC!


    Some posts on FMG back in 2004

    1] A great trade and well done to those on board but please wake me up when this crashes. I won't be standing next to twiggy just yet if ever and may be happy to let this bargain pass me by.

    2] Oh yes the big dream of twiggy lol - cant say he doesnt think big - but history shows he crashes like a missile once all said and done. At least the chinese are footing the bill this time and i guesss a second rail line wont hurt up there - it could always be converted to agriculatural transport or tourism if it falls on its asses - BHP could always rent space to lol.

    3] All over red rover. Here she comes down. Should be a hard landing imho.

    4] Down she goes. anyone following this penny dredful??

    5] On current fundamentals its only worth about 60 cents. You have been warned. Profit takers coming in from everywhere. Everyones sheeting themselves imho.

    6] the slaughterhouse is now open … GET OUT PEOPLE!!!

    7] Resource is still in the ground for gods sake. **does it warrant a price of above $1.00??**

    8] 66% retracement coming
    a) overvalued
    b) its shot up so fast like HDR it will begin a slow retrace
    c) reserves are short of initial lofty expectations
    d) one would think directors will begin to take profits - this would spook other institutions and ivnestors.

    9] Down, down, down, this stock is trading on hyper euphoric expectations and promotional good luck, it is nice to see people forget the ambitious of the leader in other stocks.


    12] contracts with 2 bob little dodgy chinese co … its not real, just smoke n mirrors. Tough for holders you bought a stock worth 750m … and its got what? 2 drill holes… shame

    13] FMG is totally overvalued, if it goes to $14 it will be because of herds buying for no reason at all, except they are suckers ...At 10c I'll buy

    14] It still baffles me how this joke of a outfit is still moving along. Doesn't anyone out there have any metallurgical smarts? If they did you'd realise quickly that they will NEVER be able to mine their ore economically….Can't wait to see this one implode.

    15] fmg is on hype ...real worth about 70 cents.

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