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just before dawn??

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    hi holders

    what an incredible past 7 trading days RFE has had.

    markets have gone bananas, oil gone through the roof, plus the announcements RFE has made in that time that the
    Tahara well and due to its proximity, Abunda well could have "using a conservative recovery factor the recoverable reserves per section could be as much as three times the current reported industry average"

    we also know that the Abunda well was as of last Tuesday, 2 days in front of were the Tahara well was at the same time.

    could be wrong but wouldnt expect such detailed wireline logs to take place this time, so this well could very well be completed inside of 2 weeks.

    we also know everything is currently being put in place for well stimulation to occur almost immediately after Abunda is completed.

    once a well with a 4000 foot lateral is fracced, normally takes 4-5 days to pump out enough fluid to start getting indications on oil flows.

    all this is not far away.

    so why has SP only gone up 3c in that time??

    dont think i have to state the obvious but we have a seller who is keen to off load super cheap shares at 46c, what a bargain!

    the thing with all bargains though, they dont last forever!

    the other day one of my posts was moderated, not sure why, but at the same time there has been significant accumulation within the Citicorp Nom a/c.

    from 3/3/11 to 6/10/11 this a/c has increased by 12 million shares now.
    i know this because i have a top 100 report for every 2 weeks in this time period, not unsubstantiated.

    so we have a massive accumulator, a mystery seller for what ever reason, fundamentals going through the roof and closing in on news that could possibly send the SP flying.

    imho the sooner the seller is taken out the better for RFE, dont want this shareholder trying to sell into flow rate news, so once again imho, 46c it is, time to buy more if they are getting thrown away.

    on a technical basis, chart appears to have made a mini flag formation, the low on 30/9/11 is the base of the pole, the flag is from 45c-47.5c, a bullish signal.

    the title of this post is just before dawn, copying a phrase i recently heard from another holder, its always darkest before dawn.

    imho the sun is about to shine on RFE!!

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