Junior Telco's - Finally Time ?

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    Just noticed announcement by PWT last week.
    Revenue last 3 qtr's ;
    1st qtr 2002 - 18.4 million.
    2nd qtr 2002 - 25.4 million.
    3rd qtr 2002 - 28.7 million.

    Margins up from 18 to 35%
    12 million in new annual contracts written in last qtr.
    EBITDA positive June thru Sept.
    Positive cash flow to cover all operational and interest expenses.

    BUT still digging into credit line for Capital expenditure.

    GRANT62 if you are out there what do you reckon.
    Have nearly forgotten about this one.

    MY specs to watch currently are ;

    BSG , CTO, EPR , EIF, NWE ???? , CUE ????, SLX, MPO.

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