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    The portfolios in the early edition of the weekly were taken out of the publication because I thought subscribers were likely to be more interested in analysis than our trading. And as you correctly stated both portfolios had pretty much the same three to four stocks in them.

    The two portfolios still exist and are active and current. We managed to more than double both since May last year and would be happy to provide you with evidence of that.

    There is a new portfolio in the current edition of the Weekly which we are using as an example of the trading strategies that have worked for us (and for you) in the past.

    You're right the Weekly is not for people who do their own research and analysis and have a lot of knowledge of the oil sector, though curiously some do find it of interest. But you are not the only "experienced oiler follower" to bag it, I believe yogi-in-oz has done so on his aussie oilers site which I can't access.

    The Weekly doesn't tip stocks, we simple try to help people understand the sector and help them identify companies that we think represent good value. We also try to prevent people from getting ripped off by some of the shenanegans that go on in the sector these days. We certainly don't believe we can influence the market. And we don't have any hidden agendas.

    Nice to know so many non subscribers have access to the product, all helps to spread the message that the junior oil sector is great place to invest in.

    Recent (ie. early Jan issues) examples of the Weekly can be read on the website "www.oilers.com.au" We hope we have improved the format to the extent that people find it an easy yet inforamtive read. You don't have to agree with everything it contains.

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