Junior Oilers - thanks all

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    Thanks everybody for your comments. I hope the exchange of info can make everybody wiser and wealthier. Is anyone going to the CVN AGM this week?. I would like to go but it is too far from Canberra. Be interesting to know what the company's take is on the situation they find themselves in. We could become the "crikey" of the oil boards.
    Just to reply to some comments. I think pj is right Gemini seem to have almost an overriding interest in the F sands, one of the issues that would be nice to have cleared up thru questions at the AGM.
    Re HZN and Huinga my distinct impression from the AGM is that there will be no more drilling on Makino or Huinga 1B until mid next year at the earliest. I would be the first to welcome earlier activity given my PCL holding but I don't think it is going to happen. On NZO maybe I should have bought them on NZ boards certainly doing nothing on ours but there is value there I believe. If Alistair is right and they are headed for a reappraisal prior to Tui then I'll bail and let my AWE ride the well.
    Good luck all, another interesting week ahead. Plague on ERG, LOK, PWR etc. JBC
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