junior oilers - how is our 'gang of four' going?

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    As some of you may recall during our 'Junior Oilers' threads I mentioned some months ago that my days of 'punting' on wildcats such as Huinga etc were over a(I wanted to keep my sanity and what hair I had left)and I was going 'respectible' with Oil Stocks that actually had revenue but also good upside with ongoing exploration - with a view to actually making some $$$. This was April 2003.

    The 'gang of four' were - ARQ, AYO, HDR & PSA. By the way I have nothing against AWE or TAP etc - I just thought these four were the best candidates in terms of growth.

    So how are they going?

    Say $25,000 invested in each - total $100,000 has produced the following:


    $25,000 (31/3/03 @ 65c) $23,846 (30/6/03 @ 62c) $30,769 (Current @ 80c)


    $25,000 (31/3/03 @ 68c) $42,279 (30/6/03 @ 115c) $41,176 (Current @ 112c)


    $25,000 (31/3/03 @ 47.5c) $27,894 (30/6/03 @ 53c) $35,789 (Current @ 68c)


    $25,000 (31/3/03 @ 40.5c) $49,382 (30/6/03 @ 80c) $56,790 (Current @ 92c)

    31/3/03 $100,000
    30/6/03 $143,401
    22/8/03 $164,524

    The good thing is that IMHO all of these stocks are capable of further sizeable growth through to 31st December 2003 with a bit of good fortune in terms of drils coming up. My prediction for the end of 2003 - the value will be over $200,000. And maybe well over.

    ARQ - Exploration drilling should really get ARQ going. A couple more Hovea's/Eremia's no doubt just waiting to be drilled. Depends I guess exactly when the new targets will be drilled. A no brainer.

    AYO - Still many good targets to be drilled including several 100% owned prospects in 'gas country' near Grocerler plus of course the 4Tcf but tight as a nuns whatsername - Whicher. Also Grocerler gas sales expected to hit close to 25mmcfpd in a few weeks. This will double AYO's gross revenue.

    HDR - Leafcutter coming up but more importantly Mauratania. No doubt at all will run up.

    PSA - Already closing on $1. Two wells over the next month or so in GOM.

    I did not have quite $100,000 on them but a good size figure ... and some AYOO thrown in which has helped matters further in terms of the overall total.

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