Junior oilers Drilling schedule

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    Junior oilers drilling update.

    Many of the junior oilers have come off year lows in recent weeks and some have even gone for a run on the announcement of drilling success. The second half of the year will see a lot more wells spudded than we have seen so far in 2002. This will undoubtedly attract market attention particularly the Chinguetti follow up drilling, as well as Hovea, Cliffhead, Beibu (China) and so on. Given the fortunes of this sector depend almost exclusively on drilling activity, Hotcopperites might be interested in the following drilling schedule for the period immediately ahead. I have drawn the data from company statements in media releases. Grateful if those who follow the sector could make any additions or amendments. All comments welcome. If the same info is available elsewhere let me know. No point in wasting my time if someone else has already compiled a list. If not I might try and update weekly. Info is for junior oilers only and I have not included CBM wells.

    Current Wells

    Vallecitos West – 1 (USA)
    Victoria Pet (VPE) 22.5%

    Acrasia 1 Cooper/Eromanga Basin
    Beach Petroleum (BPTDA)25 %
    Stuart Pertroleum (STU) 75%

    Southeast Gobe 1 ST-1 (PNG)
    Cue Energy (CUE) 3.3%
    Oil Search (Oss) 44.9%

    Woodada 19 Perth Basin
    Hardman Res (HDR) 75%
    Bounty Oil (BUY) 25%

    Lola Kecil (Indonesia)
    Kalrez (KRZ) 2.5%

    Huinga 1B (NZ)
    Bligh (BLO) 24.8%
    Pan Con (PCL) 6.6%
    AWE NZ (AWE) 12.5%

    Opito (NZ)
    New Zealand Oil (NZO) 75%
    Origin Energy (ORG)

    Maleo 1 (Indonesia) 4 June
    Santos (STO) 100%


    Drilled to 1073 metres and plugged and abandoned. (7 June)

    Completed as an oil producer with est reserves of 3.7 mbs. Kicked STU along but hardly moved BPT which was in process of a share consolidation now completed. Acrasia 2 to be drilled next.

    Sidetrack/development well Ccmpleted as oil producer. Cue spiked on news then fell back to current levels (0.047). Could see repeat of this action with next sidetrack! (see upcoming wells below)

    To be suspended as potential oil or gas producer. Rig now moving to Hovea 2. Test rig workover in next 2-4 weeks. Not looking too flash.

    At 4,653 feet (td 5190) pulling out of hole for bit change (7 June). Thought to be above target formations. Negligible hc shows. Expect ! news this week.

    At 4,320 feet ( td 4,500 subject to revision). Well above target formations. Testing hc shows and continuing drilling (11 June). Lost circulation problems continue to impede progress. Expect ! news this week. Potential 47 mbs.

    Wildcat well at depth of 2044 metres on 10 June (td 3000 metres). Expected to hit target Kapuni C sands late June or early July. Potential 200 mbs

    Spudded some 157 kms to west of Oyong and in adjacent lease. Described by Santos as a follow up to Oyong find (with implications for Cue though Cue not a participant in Maleo)

    Upcoming Wells – Near Term

    SL 328 #2ST (USA) 13 June
    First Australian (FAR) 11.25%

    Hovea 2 Perth Basin . 16 June
    Arc Energy (ARQ) 50%
    Origin Energy (ORG) 50%

    Acrasia 2 Cooper Basin. June?
    Beach Petroleum (BPT) 25%
    Stuart Petroleum (SUR) 75%

    Eclipse No 1 Perth Basin June
    Empire Oil & Gas (EGO) 59%

    Ewing No 2 (USA) End June
    First Australian (FAR) 9.375%

    Southeast Gobe –10 Mid/end June
    Cue Energy (CUE) 3.3%

    Sellicks 1 Cooper Basin, July
    Beach Petroleum (BPTDA) 75%
    Cooper Energy (COE) 25%

    Maslins 1 Cooper Basin, July
    Beach Petroleum (BPTDA) 75%
    Cooper Energy (COE) 25%

    Jingemia-1 Perth Basin, End July
    Victoria Petroleum (VPE) 5.8%
    Voyager (VOY) 5.8%


    Development sidetrack from existing SL 328-2 well to test J Sand prospect in producing field in South Louisana. First of five well drilling program for FAR

    Targetting different structure to successful Hovea 1 but will still attract a lot of interest.

    May 8 ann foreshadowed spud in 2 to 3 weeks. Seen nothing since. Acrasia 2 will be drilled 1.2 kms west of successful Acrasia 1 on same structure. Could be spud news this week .

    Awaiting rig. Targeting huge 557 bcfg gas. Not sure what the hold up is re ann on spudding.

    Develpoment well targetting Hosston Sands, take 20 days and reach total depth of 10,000feet. As at 21 May site prepared, awaiting rig.

    Sidetrack/development well. Will be drilled on completion of SEG-1 ST1.

    First in a series of wildcats in the newly opened Cooper/Eromanga Basin

    Second Beach wildcat well.

    Location 5 km north east of Hovea discovery and targeting similar structural form and reservoir targets (12 mbs). Will use rig which drills Hovea 2

    Upcoming Wells – Longer Term

    Aldinga 1 Cooper Basin Q3
    Beach Petroleum (BPTDA) 75%
    Cooper Energy (COE) 25%

    Henley 1 Cooper Basin Q3
    Beach Petroleum (BPTDA) 75%
    Cooper Energy (COE) 25%

    Cayirdere –1 (Turkey) Q3
    Amity Oil (AYO) 50%

    Beibu (China) Dec/Jan
    Bligh Oil and Min (BLO)
    ROC (ROC)
    First Australian (FAR)
    Pet Sec (PSA)

    Chinguetti 2 (Mauritania) Aug/September
    Hardman Resources (HDR)
    Woodside (WPL)
    ROC (ROC)

    Cliffhead (Perth Basin) Dec/Jan
    ROC (ROC)
    North West (NEW)
    Voyager (VOY)
    Arc Energy (ARQ)

    Wichian Buri (Thailand ) Q3
    Carnarvon (CVN) 50%

    Third Beach wildcat well.

    Fourth Beach wildcat well

    Located 33 km south east of the Gocerler field in the Thrace Basin

    Still waiting for news from CVN on some 4 development wells in its Thai leases. For that matter still waiting for news on how successful “fraccing” process has been on current wells to increase production. Market seems to believe it has worked, CVN up in recent weeks

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