junior oilers dec 14/15 part 2, page-2

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    Hi Jocam,

    As always, thanks for a well-versed presentation
    on the oilers ... between us we cover the sector
    quite well ... time for QC to retire ... lol

    Just a note about the apparent cautious approach
    by John Doran to the Cliffhead scenario .... what was
    found previously was oil with VERY high wax content
    and there's no guarantee that this will improve
    substantially in the next drilling campaign.

    Without inside contacts on the rig, it is difficult for
    the public to ascertain the meaning behind some
    of the ASX announcements .... while they may not
    tell outright lies, they will sometimes not reveal the
    WHOLE truth in the data, obtained from the well.

    This has been proven on many occasions.

    There's a few other oilers that should be highlighted for
    closer scrutiny in the coming weeks and some will be
    treated individually on the AussieOilers site.

    Other juniors to watch:

    EBR - OPL - MOS - SPP - MPO

    Oilers-over-a-dollar for the watchlist:

    ROC - NVS - TAP

    Given ROC's percentage in Cliffhead, its market cap
    and the number of shares on issue ... ROC may well
    prove to be at bargain prices right now.

    Thanks again for your efforts.

    have a great weekend


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