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    re: junior oilers 31 may - ayo hammered Hi folks,

    Many thanks to jocam9 for his weekly overview of the
    oilers' fundamentals ..... very timely and well
    researched, as always.

    ..... and many thanks to all the traders, with kind words
    about my call on the recent AYO high.

    In reality, that AYO astroanalysis is a prime example of
    how, the natural time cycles of the cosmic clock can
    be used for better market timing ..... in all markets.

    Believe this ..... ANY trader can learn to develop such
    analytical skills.

    .... a committment to study some simple maths and
    geometry and the DISCIPLINE to develop (and trade)
    your own trading plan are the key requirements to
    making better trade entries and exits.

    have a great day all


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