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    re: junior oilers .. for jbc Hey fludy,

    Know anything about the protocol for auctioning these 2.75m part paid CPC shares. They made a call which was something like 50c (just off the top of my head) so of course no one paid up so they were forfeited so now they are to be auctioned on 30th Jan.

    Now is that auction as part paid with the call still due or are they auctioning them as deemed fully paid (can't really see how they can do that when they haven't been but....).

    If they are auctioned with the call still due there will be no takers, so what happens to them next??

    What do you think could be the reason for the call if they can't get any money for them now (or can they?) when at sometime in the future with the price of the shares higher (hopefully!) a successful call might have been made.

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