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junior gold stocks to surge over next 8 weeks

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    Well according to a regular Kitco commentator(Hamilton)the above is more likely than unlikely.
    The link to his analysis of the HUI gold index v POG and the timing of major market price surges of gold stocks is quite compelling reading:

    He has done an in-depth analysis of the HUI (S&P Gold Bugs Index) and presents a strong case for unhedged and junior gold stocks to have a huge run over the next 8 weeks - in fact the 1st week has started already and I have seen KAL go from 10.5c to 14.5c in 2 days. KAL is not an isolated case either.
    Gold stocks have been dragged down by leveraged investors having to sell to meet margin calls and a generally very negative sentiment in the overall market. In times like these, gold stocks are dragged down as well, as they are seen as shares, not a gold investment.

    What is expected now is a separation of the gold stocks from the rest of the market. Gold stocks are starting to take off and the outlook is for a short(8 week) and very robust re-rating of the gold stocks that have been way oversold. They have lagged behind the latest strong move by physical gold and as more investors/traders come to realise that the move in the POG is not a speculative spike, the more that will return to gold stocks.

    Only the Materials Index was in positive territory on Friday - up over 100 points !!!
    Time to ignore the ASX200 and grab a slice of what could be the strongest move in gold stocks for many years.

    As always, there are no guarantees in life, but as Hamilton's article was written on 22/02, the sudden move that started mid week 27-28/02 in Oz gold juniors could be the signal that the 8 week surge has already begun.

    Profit taking can be expected early May, so take your profits late April.

    Anyway, read the article and make up your own mind.

    For my part, I'm in big time.
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