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junior gold producer in 2008

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    Will be a gold producer in 2008.

    1. Catherwood deposit can extract 11 000 ounces at $515/ounce. Current gold price approximately $1020/ounce. It would take about 6 months to extract the material. This means a profit of $5 500 000 could be achieved by years end.

    2. Also, the Petrus deposit is coming into play. It is quite an easy start-stop operation and the only aspect holding it back was the $900/ounce cost. At current gold prices and not looking like pulling back, the project could produce an annual profit of $6 000 000.

    Three year mining term.
    50 000 ounces a year at a cash profit of (at the moment) $120/ounce.

    If both these projects could get kick started by mid-late this year. A $7 000 000 profit for this year is not out of the question.

    3. The Backflip deposit is the most exciting exploration target and is continually pumping out nice thick, high grade assays. This could easily be the project which could be developed long-term through the capital produced from the other deposits. The best thing is the infrastructure and with milling facilities not far away, Carbine has truly got all it's bases covered.

    Big announcements coming with project developments and a significant drilling program at the backflip prospect about to kick off in the next couple of weeks.
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