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    @bentas74 Buffett, always here to fully support DM and offer your pearls of wisdom, whatever comes out of DMs mouth is gospel to you. it is amazing. DM did not really say anything new or amazing, if fact it was quite the opposite, there were some very telling statements. It is very clear that BUD has now pivoted to be a consumer electronics company and DM is sitting their fingers crossed that the LIFx business will save the day and be breakeven by end of 2019. He finally admitted that OHM is not going to breakeven and that the data business is on hold, hugely negative statements and a real change for the worse, IMO. Clearly the huge growth in LIFx revenue is not going to be enough to get the business to breakeven, so they have to slash staff and other costs.

    There was almost no discussion on OHM, Ingram, Dicker, Rizon, The Oman Deal the Caribbean deals, UK deals, Europe Deals, nothing, zip, donut. Amazing how all this discussion is now dead you think this is a good thing? You think some fancy christmas lights are going to save the day, only time will tell.

    Cutting staff and reducing burn is simply an acknowledgement of failure and does not bode well for the future, most successful companies, that are growing and heading to breakeven in the next 6 months, 100s% year on year growth, do not cut burn, they expand, I have never understood why the market celebrates cutting staff and burn as though it is some sort of genius strategic business mind, seem contrary to me. GLTAH
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