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    Not defending Scarva dboyle but whats to justify.Scarva mentioned oils last post.I can tell you scarva trades on opportunities.Oils are looking good as did gold a while ago.Nothing has changed re AVL dboyle if your refering to some knowledge scarva might have that we dont.Its simply not the case.

    Just depends on how one sees AVLs upside in the near future.Two ways to go with this.Either you think it might run decently,which I'm hoping it will.Or we're going to see a gradual market appreciation of the stock.Probably the latter being more likely the way its trading currently to be honest.

    These are not comments designed to manipulate buyers or sellers dboyle.Just my observations of the situation.Dont worry too much about what others do with their stock,espc on this site.Research is the key.Keep your eye on African news.Not much has changed here.A little instability with Zimbabwe,but nothing to justify pulling out of AVL unless you see other opportunities.

    By the way I still hold ALL Ive bought.

    Cheers domum

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