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jumbo >> do your own dd>> strike it lu

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    jumbo corporation, has been on our screener matrix for a few weeks...
    i did mention it a few times , and got very negative posts... reply
    i did email some of those replies to the CEO,
    who did reply in very elegant manners and diligence of his duties,
    and let me tell you , most of the time , those directors do not bother to reply....
    here we are , his email
    Yes we are making a profit, but the reason we decided to place a small number of shares was to get some influential and experienced people involved. The cash also gives us more scope for looking at opportunities to grow the business faster.

    Before you jump to the conclusion of a "pump and dump", consider that Jumbo has a market cap of $4 million and is profitable. There are still companies out there with market caps over $10 million and loosing monney...

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