julia gillard's own mps launch attack on her

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    It won't be long now before it all falls apart.
    How much JG spin BS can an MP take?

    "Julia Gillard's own MPs launch an attack on her ability to be Prime Minister

    TWO senior Labor MPs have unloaded on Julia Gillard, openly admitting to Coalition MPs at a function that she did "not have what it takes to be Prime Minister".

    The alleged conversation, which shocked several Liberal frontbenchers, took place on Tuesday night at a party in the office of the Deputy Speaker Peter Slipper.

    The MPs were angry at the PM for not showing enough support for the Labor Speaker Harry Jenkins, who was almost forced to resign when Labor lost a vote in parliament to uphold the Speaker's ruling.

    They were even more angered that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott had been allowed to salvage the crisis and prevent Mr Jenkins from stepping down.

    The two MPs, who made no secret of their views to a room full of Liberal MPs, believed the incident alone cast doubt on her political judgment.

    But in a symptom of broader tensions in the Labor caucus, the MPs also attacked Ms Gillard for her performances in parliament, saying she appeared "snarly" when trying to paint Mr Abbott as negative.

    Several other Labor MPs said tensions were mounting in the party room."

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