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    sadly, there are schemers all over the place, who are only to happy to get people to part with their money. watso noted that a certain judge finklestein is going to hear some application from someone over something to do with opes. no doubt the judge will determine the case on its merits, but also keep in mind, that when cases go to the high court, there are dissenting judges, who when confronted with the very same information, give a different outcome, to other judges - and these are popel who know more about the law than the ordinary person.

    watso's apologies, if someone has already posted on the matter, but the following link might be of interest, to see how judge finklestein has looked at something in the past

    full story from

    In 2006, judge Ray Finklestein of the Victorian Supreme Court said retirees and pensioners had been enticed to sell properties in return for what the promoters described as a "guaranteed'' income and a "guaranteed'' right to live in their in their former homes for life.

    "The idea was that home owners could free up and live off the equity that would otherwise be tied up in the family home,'' he said.

    "To the great misfortune of those people the scheme collapsed.''

    In that case, Justice Finklestein ruled homeowners who had been duped by the scheme were entitled to keep their homes, with their titles immune from any adverse claims arising from the Money For Living scheme.


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