judaism is a godliness, zionism is materialism

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    Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a leading figure of Neturei Karta, an organization within the Orthodox Jewish community which is dedicated to representing the hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews around the world.

    Trying to make his voice heard after repeatedly being hushed by the Zionist-controlled media, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, asserted in a three-hour live dialogue with net audience on Monday, August 25 that :

    "There can be no true peace "as long as Zionism and the state of Israel exist."

    The tremendous injustice is being done to the Palestinian people--- the subjugation, expulsion, pain, suffering, etc., is all against the true roots and basics of Judaism," said Rabbi Weiss.

    He asserted that all "Jewish religious people feel and suffer with the Palestinian suffering no matter what type, Chasidus (ultra Orthodox) or not."
    Asked how he sees the Israeli government of Ariel Sharon?
    Weiss said that Sharon and his cabinet have nothing to do with true Judaism "because of its heresy and its tremendous cruelty."

    Sharon and his government and for that matter the whole Zionist entity are rejected from the Jewish nation and Judaism. He also lashed out at the Israeli policy of bringing the Jewish diaspora from the four corners of the world to the Palestinian territories, noting it ran counter to the true Torah "which waits for God's ruling over the world and the end of this exile, which God Himself will do without any human intervention."
    According to Weiss, a Talmud instructor, Jews "are forbidden to take any action to make the end of exile come to pass, especially the Zionists' way which is through atrocity and evil decrees and subjugation of another people without right and expulsion of another nation. "This is especially abhorrent and against God."

    Rabbi Weiss drew a clear line of separation between Judaism and Zionism, regretting that "Jews have been misled by the tremendous power of the propaganda machine of Zionism."
    "Zionists have gripped control of the media, and through the media, confused and integrated the Torah into the Zionist belief. With false interpretations of verses of the Torah, they have confused the truth of the Torah," he stressed.
    The rabbi, a distinguished speaker and lecturer on Zionism, said that the "forefathers of Zionism were known atheists and heretics and the whole ideology of Zionism is a heretical ideology and rebellion against God. They created a state which rejected the acceptance of the Torah that the Jewish nation had accepted on Mount Sinai, and they ignored the whole Jewish religion."
    Rabbi Weiss said, "Judaism is a Godliness, Zionism is materialism. Zionists try to clothe their materialism in the cloth of religion, but it is false and criminal."
    He also agreed that the Zionist entity and the state of Israel "according to the Torah" were doomed to perish, noting that "the explosion of the punishment to this rebellion is expected at any time. We pray that the end of the State of Israel should come about speedily with God's compassion without any bloodshed or suffering for any human being."
    Weiss further argued that there is "a vast segment" of Jews all over the world, and particularly in the U.S., who "are silent in their opposition" to the Zionist octopus, because of the "intimidation of Zionism."
    According to our knowledge, a great percentage of Jews have given up on the whole Zionist ideology. They simply have a problem of how to become free of this monster, said the rabbi.
    "Most religious schools do not have an Israeli flag hanging over their building, do not celebrate Israeli Independence Day, and most important, do not send their children to the Israeli army and do not study modern Hebrew," Weiss said.
    He continued, "We find the Orthodox Jewish parties and members at the Knesset joined the Israeli government not because they held the view of the legitimacy of the Zionist state but rather in opposition to the Zionist state they were guided by certain Jewish rabbis and leaders to join the Israeli government to be able to in some way gain rights to the Orthodox community and to be able to fight Zionism from within the Zionist state."
    Weiss recalled that one of the founders of Agudat Israel party, Yitchak Maier Levine, said when he joined the Knesset, "I am going into a lion's den."

    Judaism and Islam
    We are in total opposition to the Zionist's views of the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque. said Rabbi Weiss.
    Weiss made it clear that the Zionists' attempts to pull down the holiest place is a "tragedy and a cardinal criminal offense."
    "We are in total opposition to the Zionists' views of the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Who knows what horrific results could come from this? It is clearly forbidden according to the Torah and the rabbinical authorities.
    "In 1929 the head Rabbi of Palestine and Jerusalem, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonenfeld of blessed memory, sent a letter to the heads of the Islamic community in Jerusalem declaring that the Jewish people have no want or interest to take anything which is under the Islamic ownership. And in fact he was referring to the Jews praying at the Western wall," Weiss explained.
    "In the Jewish religion, there is no bias to the Muslims or their religion, and we don't know of a bias of the Jews to the Muslims. We know that the Muslim people and Islam are not in opposition to the Jewish people or their religion, and vice versa," he acknowledged.
    Weiss hoped that the Muslim community will help his movement to spread their "message of peace."
    "This will sanctify God's name, bring peace and harmony between the Jews and the Muslims and will succeed in squashing the concept that the Muslims are somehow anti-Semitic by clarifying the truth that the conflict is between the political movement called Zionism, and that it has nothing to do with Judaism or the Jewish people," Rabbi Weiss averred.
    He concluded also by hoping that Jews around the world would come to realize the "true old Jewish traditions and beliefs."
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