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'jubilee' year for nickel sector

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    Titan Resources received an approving nod in 'The Age' business section this morning. Yesterday Titan announced its purchase of highly prospective tenements in the Kambalda region from WMC (using only a small portion of Titan's substantial cash reserves).

    'Age' Resources editor, Barry Fitzgerald, observed that 'Titan is already well placed [in terms of nickel reserves], with plans to bring on a couple of nickel mines in the next 12 - 18 months.'

    The remarks came in the context of the earnings benefits that booming nickel prices have provided to junior and mid-tier nickel stocks such as Jubilee, which yesterday reported a 64% rise in earnings with a consequent 16% jump in share price. Most analysts see the global shortfall in nickel production as fuelling a rising nickel price for the next 12 - 24 months.

    It doesn't take much foresight then to project Titan into a similar position to companies like Jubilee in the not-too-distant future and I guess that explains the small fillip in the price yesterday. The chart is pretty exciting too, with .54 cents the next point of major resistance. We're still a long way off that I know but the upward momentum over the past couple of weeks (and the price trajectory of competitors like IGO, SMY and VRE) suggests it is a distinct possibility.

    Anyone contrarian views out there, apart from the obvious point that BioHeap remains unproven to date?

    Obviously I hold. Conduct your own research.


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