jpm+newmont fight from gold eagle, page-2

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    Apart from the obvious - anonymity grants the right under so called "freedom of speech" to say what one likes without fear of being caught, hauled to account, or made to be accountable.

    If the statements made are accurate, then there may well be a problem. But, if false, I trust that JPM /Chase will seek out and pursue the authors of such statements /newsletters for whatever they can (even, if only for satisfaction).

    Now, to analyse the statement, to a short extent.

    Gold in the ground has been sold to JPM. The company in question has since been acquired by Newmont. But, how and to what extent, has Newmont, or the company that it acquired, account for gold (not quite theirs) in their books of account?

    Newmont (etc) may well have some explaining of their own to do here.

    Now, I had better go check the JPM website to ensure that I can still access it. The MLX site is still working, as is the Lehmans and DKW sites.
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