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JPM & C Lead them UP Then DOWN

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    Is it just me or am I seeing that JP Morgan and Citbank are leading the DOW up and down with familiar regularity. It seems that they are in the top percentage gainers on UP days and vice versa.
    I cant see how such massively leveraged companies can dictate the entire economy/stockmarket positively.

    Even with a market gain the underlying truthis that they are built on a flimsily base. They cant hide their derivatives position forever and that time is fast approaching. The $US MUST come off its HIGHS and make a clear correction.
    Gold is appearing to be flat as a tack and levelling at the $300-310 mark.
    If all is true on the state of the "derivatives positions" of JPM and C then surely to god some sanity has to emerge in the market.
    Will my patients ever be rewarded?
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