jpm bids for more spr oil than sunoco or tesor

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    So JPM is obviously counting on the price of oil going sky high. They're either in the dollar goes bust camp or the inflation camp. I wonder how much of the money they are putting in is really theirs?


    Bidders For 30 Million Barrels Of Strategic Petroleum Reserve Disclosed; JP Morgan Requests $158 Million In Crude

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/06/2011 18:46 -0400

    As was previously disclosed, as part of the SPR's auctioning off of 30 million barrels of light sweet crude, bids for a total of 30.64 million barrels of oil at an average bid of $107.20/barrell were submitted by various parties.

    The only thing unknown was the identity of the parties, which however has now been all cleared up following the release of the complete bid list from the DOE.

    [/B]Probably the most notable (if not completely expected) discovery is that JPM, that FDIC-insured depositor bank, has requested 1.5 million barrels at a price of $105.33 for a total of $158 million.

    We wonder just what JPM plans on doing with this crude, which as predicted, will be transported by vessel, and offloaded at such time as JPM sees fit, probably well after the product is trading at a substantial premium to the purchase price.
    Other potential buyers include Valero, Vitol, Shell, Conoco, Plains and various other E&P companies.

    Ironically, JPM wants more crude than Sunoco and Tesoro: so next time one tries to gas up their car, we suggest looking for the JP Morgan gas station.

    But by far the most important news is that 80% of the bid are based on a vessel-based distribution, meaning it will be weeks if not months before the SPR disposed crude finally makes it into circulation, if at all, and has an actual supply-side benefit.
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