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    J.P. Morgan Has the Market Very Nervous

    By Jim Jubak
    MSN Money Markets Editor
    10/09/2002 07:59 AM EDT

    "Could a failure at J.P. Morgan Chase crash the entire
    financial system? That's a scenario with credibility on
    Wall Street, which helps explain the recent trouncing of financial stocks.

    "If you own stocks, you probably don't even want to consider
    this question. Who wants to hear about the chance that
    complex financial instruments -- derivatives -- could
    cause an implosion that could send the stock market
    reeling? After the pain of the past 30 months, who
    wants to hear about the possibility that the worst isn't

    Very well written and very instructional. A must read for
    all investors. YET, JJ misses one key point in his
    piece and that is Morgan's gold loan/derivative situation.
    Once you put that in the equation, it dramatically
    increases the financial disaster possibility if Morgan
    goes under.

    We know it and The Gold Cartel knows it, which is why they
    are bashing gold again, for the umpteenth time!

    Nice going GATA ARMY. Our efforts to expose Morgan
    are paying off, slowly but surely.

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