Businesses have until 31st may to enrol for jobkeeper if they...

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    Businesses have until 31st may to enrol for jobkeeper if they intend to claim for wages paid in April and May fortnights.
    Last week there were concerns that the budgeted amount would be blown as more businesses enrol.
    Calls to wind the program back.
    Some operators putting off jobs and delaying invoices so that they qualify.
    GP's operating as small businesses doing the extended telehealth could claim as less patients visited their surgeries.
    As could fundies whose funds under management shrank along with the share market, (they charge fees commensurate with the value of the funds).
    Presumably as businesses were reimbursed for the first 3 Jobkeeper fortnights it was realised that something didn't add up.
    so someone went looking for the discrepancy and found it.
    It would seem that the bureaucrats in their rush weren't diligent in the first instance because the expressions of interest tallied with estimates from Treasury. Perhaps no one thought to run matching at the early stage to refine the estimates.

    It just goes to show how little the bureaucrats know about the economy in real time so they make guesses.
    The guesses about a new type of event where Government action causes the unemployment were wrong, it seems.

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