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    This suggests we should be on the verge of seeing more "joint ventures" such as the Yale or NIH relationships eventuate for NV-04 and NV-07. I guess all these institutions can't be wrong in their enthusiasm... all NV-04 needs is some research to produce results like the Yale research did on Phenoxodiol.

    "With Novogen’s lead anti-cancer compound, phenoxodiol, now being developed by our subsidiary Marshall Edwards, Inc. an extraordinary situation exists. Not one line of investigation that has been performed todate has lead to a dead end. Every single study has demonstrated some potential for therapeutic efficacy and provided more knowledge on how the cancer disease process works and the role that phenoxodiol might play in controlling that disease.

    We have now reached a stage where major research groups working in the cancer field such as the National Institutes of Health and Yale University Medical School want to work with phenoxodiol because, of all the compounds available to them, phenoxodiol is one of the most exciting.

    The Board is confident that not only will this work lead to ultimate commercial success but that other Novogen programs such as NV-04 and NV-07 are at the threshold of escalating understanding and interest in the cardiovascular and dermatological areas.
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