John Howard, youve lost me .

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    Just when you thought John Howard appeared statesmen like, away he goes on the opportunistic bandwagon. The removal of semi automatic handguns from licenced sporting shooters.

    when was the last time you heard of a licenced shooter using a handgun for a crime??.......i cant remeber the last time .

    When did you last hear of a thug using an unlicenced handgun? that different,
    Vietnamese wedding,
    a vietnamese restaurant
    a street gang shooting (multiple)
    Police station shooting

    Howard and all the other parties are now smelling blood as a wonderful political master stroke to curry support from all the gullible dweebs who think they are going to be saved........sorry.its all bollocks.

    The Brits have just found that out , private handguns banned.....handgun crime in the UK now up 40% since the ban..

    The illegal owners wont be handing in, John. but you know that...
    So how come then we cant protect ourselves from the illegall owners by being able to buy a flak jacket..........? whats that you say....theyre only for military, police and ,,,,oh ..politicians ?/..ok right....thanks for nothing.

    Hey John, you were very teary eyed the other day at Bali......i know was a when do you intend banning Islamic fundamentalists , and ammonium nitrate........?? arent ?.....not practical?..ok i see.

    Hey John, when do you intend closing down the Chemistry wing of the Universities, dont forget that guy in finland was a chemistry student who built his own bomb..........damn he made a mess...whats that...thats different ?? I see...sure it is!

    Hey john, how come the members of my family are not trustworthy or stable enough to be trusted to own a semi auto handgun yet you want our sons to go shoot up some other 20 year olds in Iraq , they didnt do anything to me?.......oh, ..i see its because hes a dictator and oppressses people..takes away their freedoms...oh really...oh he might have weapons of mass destruction.....bugger, what does our military bon bons?

    Hey John. how come my family arent trust worthy to own a semi automatic handgun for sporting shooting..i got licences falling out my @rse for lots of other things, anyone of which could make a damned bigger mess than a handgun....i can also buy all the petrol i want ...... Hey John,,,how many handguns did they use at Whisky A Go Go??....

    Hey john, if i decide to lose my biscuit , do you think you could find in your infinite wisdom to ban PVC pipe....i may be tempted to fit it to the exhaust pipe..

    Hey John......youre not a statesman, youre just another bloody politician..

    and u just lost my vote...i dont think i can trust you either....
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