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joel has broker codes

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    About time it was changed dont you think.
    I have pasted an email from ASX re. broker IDs.Thank you for your email.

    In order to have access to broker numbers, one must have a SEATS Access Agreement in place (to get access to SEATS, must have agreement, which contractually obliges compliance to SEATS Reference Manual and ASX Business Rules). Anyone with a SEATS Access Agreement is bound by the ASX Business Rules and the SEATS Reference Manual, which in Chapter 6, expressly outlines that broker identifier or broker name are classified as restricted information and are not to be disseminated "to anyone who is not a Designated Trading Representative (DTR) except where that person is employed by an ASX Trading Participant and has a need to access that data as part of their duties". (6-32).
    The ASX Business Rules, Section 2.2.3(1)(b) also outlines the responsibility of the Trading Participant to abide by the SEATS Reference Manual and hence comply with the rules on restricted information.
    The knowledge of broker numbers or identifier codes would have no material effect on the price or value of securities. Essentially the answer is there is no advantage or uneven playing field due to the restriction of release of this information
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