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jingemia completes extended production test

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    Jingemia completes extended production test

    From Energy Review
    Hayden Lilienthal

    Monday, August 11, 2003
    The partners in the Jingemia field have completed the oil production phase of the extended production test (EPT), having produced over 125,000 barrels of oil with no water.

    Flow rates during the test ranged from a constrained 1,000bopd to 1,900bopd and the well is now shut in while further pressure measurements are taken.

    Operator Orign Energy said that preliminary conclusions from the EPT are that pre-test, published recoverable reserves estimates of 5 million barrels remain achievable.

    Additionally, excellent oil flow rates will be attainable from producing wells provided that pressure support is given to the Dongara Sandstone reservoir. This will most likely be via injection of water through a well or wells, purpose drilled down flank on the structure.

    At completion of drilling operations on the Hovea-8 well on the nearby Hovea oil field, Century Rig 24 will be moved across to drill a second well on the Jingemia oil field with operations expected to begin in late August.

    Jingemia-2 will be drilled to a location targeting the Dongara oil reservoir about 1 km southeast of the discovery well to intersect the edge of the field.

    The main purpose of the well is to better define the oil water contact, give greater confidence to reserves and then to be utilised as a water injection well. If the well finds a larger oil column than that predicted then it is likely oil reserves will be increased. Even if this is the case, the joint venture may still sidetrack the well down dip and convert it to a water injection well.

    To plan for the development of the Jingemia field, with the benefit of the knowledge gained from the EPT and the Jingemia-2 well, Origin said it may be necessary to conduct a second EPT, however the Jingemia field is expected to be brought on full production during the first quarter next year at gross production rates of 4,000 bopd (VOY net 250 bopd), from two producing wells.

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