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jingemia 3 running wireline logs

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    Norwest Energy NL advises that at 6.00 am Western Standard Time today, the Jingemia
    3 appraisal well was running wireline logs.
    Jingemia 3 was sidetracked from the number 2 well bore to intersect the top Dongara
    Sandstone at a location approximately 400m to the north of the Jingemia 2 intersection.
    This sidetrack is designated to intersect improved reservoir quality from that intersected
    in Jingemia 2 and provide a point for water injection to provide reservoir pressure
    Jingemia 3 appraisal well intersected the Dongara Sandstone reservoir at approximately
    2420 metres true vertical depth. While this depth has still to be confirmed by wireline
    logs, it appears that the reservoir is about 26 meters low to Jingemia 1 and 40 metres
    high to Jingemia 2. On entering the Dongara Sandstone reservoir, 100% fluorescence
    was encountered. The fluorescence persisted for approximately 5 metres which equates
    with the most likely oil water contact in identified in Jingemia 1.
    Norwest Energy NL has a 1.278% interest in this well and the Jingemia Oil Field.
    Norwest Energy NL will provide daily reports during drilling activities.
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