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jingemia 2 update

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    10th September 2003
    Norwest Energy NL advises that the wireline logs are presently being run to further
    evaluate the Jingemia 2 appraisal.
    Total Depth: 2,781 metres
    Depth at time of last release: 2,739 metres
    Progress: 42 metres
    Current Operation: Conducting wireline logging programme
    Proposed next 24 hours: Continue running wireline logs
    Well commenced drilling: 24th August 2003
    Objective Dongara Sandstone
    Objective Drilled Depth about 2,663 meters
    Objective Vertical Depth about 2,414 metres
    Objective Intersected 2,699 metres
    The Jingemia 2 appraisal well is being drilled from the Jingemia 1 production facility at
    high angle to target the Dongara Sandstone oil reservoir approximately 1 kilometre
    southeast of the number discovery well. As mapped, the well is designed to intersect the
    edge of the Jingemia Oil Field. Jingemia 2 will better define this field oil and determine
    the oil-water contact for the field. Drilling of this appraisal well will, therefore give greater
    confidence to field reserves and provide a point for water injection into the reservoir to
    provide pressure support.
    Norwest Energy NL has a 1.278% interest in this well and the Jingemia Oil Field.
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