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    September 9, 2003
    Jingemia-2 update
    Australian Worldwide Exploration Limited on behalf of its wholly owned subsidiary, AWE (Perth
    Basin) Pty Ltd, (“AWE”) advises that the Jingemia-2 well was drilling ahead at a measured
    depth of 2,739 metres at 0600 hours WST today. Progress for the week was 733 metres.
    Jingemia-2 is located in EP 413, in the North Perth Basin, Western Australia.
    The Jingemia-2 appraisal well is being drilled from the Jingemia-1 production facility at
    moderate angle to target the Dongara Sandstone oil reservoir approximately 1 kilometre south
    east of the Jingemia-1 discovery well. The primary objective Dongara sandstone was
    intersected at 2,699 metres measured depth, approximately 42 metres low to prognosis. Minor
    oil shows were encountered in the top 3 metres of the reservoir. The well is expected to reach
    total depth today, whereupon wireline logs will be run.
    The well was located to intersect the edge of the Jingemia oil field as currently mapped. The
    aim of the well is to better define the field oil water contact, give greater confidence to field
    reserves and provide a point for water injection into the reservoir to provide pressure support.
    The drilling activity at Jingemia follows the conclusion of the Jingemia-1 Extended Production
    Test (EPT) where oil flow rates of between 1,000 and 1,900 barrels per day were recorded over
    the 3 month test period. During the EPT, the Jingemia-1 well produced in excess of 125,000
    barrels of oil, with no water. AWE has a 15.245% share of EP 413 and the Jingemia-1 output.
    Participants in EP 413 and the Jingemia-2 well are as follows:
    AWE (Perth Basin) Pty Ltd 15.245%
    Origin Energy Limited (Operator) 49.189%
    Hardman Oil & Gas Pty Ltd 22.376%
    Voyager Energy Limited 6.270%
    Victoria Petroleum NL 5.000%
    Norwest Energy NL 1.278%
    Roc Oil (WA) Pty Limited 0.250%
    ARC Energy NL 0.250%
    John Kevin Geary 0.142%
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