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jingemia 2 finalising wireline loging

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    Norwest Energy NL advises that at 6.30am [Western Standard Time] the Jingemia 2
    appraisal well located in the onshore Perth Basin Exploration Permit EP-413 was
    finalising wireline logging at a total measured depth of 2781metres.
    Analysis of the Dongara Sandstone reservoir in the well has indicated it to be of poor
    reservoir quality and unsuitable for water injection likely due to thinning of the section
    from Jingemia 1. It has therefore been agreed to sidetrack the well to a revised bottom
    hole location to intersect improved reservoir quality.
    Total Depth: 2,781 metres
    Depth at time of last release: 2,781 metres
    Progress: nil metres
    Current Operation: finalising wireline logging programme
    Well commenced drilling: 24th August 2003
    The Jingemia 2 appraisal well is being drilled from the Jingemia 1 production facility at
    high angle to target the Dongara Sandstone oil reservoir approximately 1 kilometre
    southeast of the number discovery well. As mapped, the well is designed to intersect the
    edge of the Jingemia Oil Field. Jingemia 2 will better define this field oil and determine
    the oil-water contact for the field. Drilling of this appraisal well will, therefore give greater
    confidence to field reserves and provide a point for water injection into the reservoir to
    provide pressure support.
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