jim sinclair's mineset...sept 4

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    Jim Sinclair's latest offering from Mineset.

    Gold is threatening to go above $400 so the Cartel calls the World Bank for help. They should have called Mickey Mouse who has a better track record predicting markets than that think tank of retired academics in

    The World Bank is probably the least market and business savvy group on the planet. What did you expect, a bullish comment on gold from the paper money planet lesser gods? In all probability this statement by the World Bank is the perfect Jonah.

    Gold is headed for $400 and probably higher, IMO. The World Bank is a bear on gold. Go figure? The World Bank is a bull on nickel so that market must be topping out. Looks to me like a buying opportunity for those that wisely have some cash.

    Have you ever visited the World Bank? This is the domicile of all homeless but well-connected PhD's in the world.

    These are the same people who sold the world on the US Dollar Standard.
    These are also the people who could not even do simple arithmetic when they demanded pluralist elections in Burundi and Rwanda.

    That demand was the cause of a genocide that followed the unseating of the minority party which controlled the army. Simple arithmetic -- which the World Bank forgot to do -- could have indicated a war would follow.

    These non-business, non-market people have egos the size of the world for no reason whatsoever. They have screwed up everything they have touched. So their bad mouthing of gold is in all probability the most bullish thing I have heard in years.
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