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    Dear Friends,

    We in the Gold Community can maintain control over the Cartel by actively preempting their moves. The more we move ahead of the commercials the less impact they can have over us.
    Who said the commercials were smart? They simply make larger waves and have up until now been able to stampede the Gold Community. I feel the Gold Community can no longer be stampeded.

    It is therefore incumbent upon us to stay ahead of the commercials so we can redefine COT. The commercial operator in my mind becomes a bigger dope when he is truly known.

    The biggest lie perpetrated on the trading public is the often self-fulfilling prophecy that small traders are wrong and commercials are right. This is how COT is used against you. In equities, the little man out-traded and out-invested the fund managers from 1996 until late
    1999. The odd lotters ran the round lot traders into the ground.

    If you are willing to use your Power Trend Lines and not argue with them, we will turn the hotshot, establishment commercial traders from
    the gold banks upside down and inside out. There will come a day when the small trader will again be the trader to watch in gold in COT.

    Our investors will no longer panic, dumping at the bottom and chasing tops. Having accomplished that, what Community members have to do after
    is quite simple.

    I have emailed all of those that asked me to and suggested that you bring your Power-Up Trend line up tight. That is not a suggestion to liquidate. It is a suggestion to be tightly disciplined.

    In technical terms, tightening the Power-Up Trend line in this case is straightening the line that touches the most lows in the short term Up Trend. It might cut off a few lows but that is permissible in the tightening procedure.

    I ask that you do not ignore any breakdown (be it in bullion or shares) of Power Trend lines, Fibonacci or simple support lines thereby failing to close (sell) your trading positions entirely. Be clear here. I am referring to trading positions only and to traders and active investors only.

    If you follow these dirt simple disciplines, then we will become the Golden Comets that I spoke of yesterday in the Arowannas article. I will even look into producing a memento for Gold Community members who declare themselves disciplined investors, active investors or traders.
    No club, no names and no membership association is required as we are all independent thinkers acting on our own judgment but totally disciplined nonetheless.

    Do this and we will end the rule of the Cartel, freeing gold to establish a price in the open market free of manipulation of any kind.

    Therefore the discipline is simple:

    1/ Investors should no longer be stampeded by the Cartel who are selling for that specific purpose.

    2/ Traders must adhere to absolute straight edge disciplines. From this moment forward, we pledge that when long or short gold or gold shares and there is a break of a Power Trend Line (up or down), a break of a
    Fibonacci or horizontal standard support or resistance line, we will flatten out trading positions.

    Do these two things and the rule of the Big Shots is over. Gold will be freed from manipulation and it will then establish a justified market price.

    BTW, anyone tell me what "COT" in Jim's article refers to please?

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