jews talk peace with arafat

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    Gush Shalom delegation visits Arafat

    An extensive exchange of views took place today (7.8.04) when a delegation of 16 Gush activists visited Yasser Arafat at his battered compound in Ramallah.

    The Gush decided to send the delegation at this point, while the intense hate-propaganda against Arafat is reaching new heights in all the Israeli media and political forums. As the delegation declared, the aim was “to highlight the fact that the elected president of the Palestinian people is our partner for peace. The organized effort of the Sharon government to break up the elected Palestinian leadership is a part of its grand design to destroy the national structure of the Palestinian people.”

    During the long meeting, delegation member raised many subjects, including Sharon’s “Disengagement Plan”, the conditions necessary for holding new elections for the Palestinian Authority, restoring control over the armed Palestinian factions, the economic situation an the Palestinian territories and more (see Press Release).

    The delegation aroused great interest in the Arab media. More than 20 TV teams from all over the Arab world waited for it, and after the meeting a press conference was arranged. The Arab and Palestinian media published extensive reports. The Israeli media, on the other hand, ignored it completely, except for a half-second picture on Channel 2 news – without saying where and when the event had taken place and without a word of explanation.
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