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    Jewish Propaganda
    by Mike Rose

    The Muskegon Chronicle published an article on April 9, 2003 entitled "Israel's War Machine Rivals U.S.". The story is written in such a way to lead people to believe that the Israeli armed forces are superior to those of the United States. Let's look at a few brief quotes. It starts by mentioning how the US was once the military superpower in the Middle East:

    "No more. Now Israel is the region's superpower, and where it once looked to the United States ... for military rescue, now Israel can thumb its nose at Washington and go its own way. Israel can field 19 divisions of ground troops ... the United States boasts 13 divisions ... Israel's air force ... can generate nearly 3000 sorties ... per day. The United States can sustain about 1600."

    The article goes on to say that Israeli technicians have made improvements on their F-16's, making them more capable than US versions, and that Israel maintains more combat pilots per plane than America does.

    After reading this thing, I myself, as well as others who viewed it, were left with the impression that the Israeli military was superior to that of the United States. I found that rather hard to believe, so I decided to check into the facts. The following is some hard data that I was able to come up with.

    The following statistics are from the CIA at and

    Military manpower availability, males age 15 - 49: Israel, 1,522,003; US, 70,819,436. Both are 2001 estimates.

    Male military manpower reaching military age annually: Israel, 49,206; US, 2,039,414;. Both are also 2001 estimates.

    Military expenditures: Israel, $8.7 billion; US: $276.7 billion. Both are 1999 estimates.

    Next we find in the World Desk Reference at (1998):

    Main Battle Tanks: Israel, 3,800; US, 7,684.

    Navy: Israel, 4 subs and 53 patrol boats; US, 76 subs, 12 carriers, 27 cruisers, 54 destroyers, 37 frigates and 21 patrol boats.

    Air Force combat aircraft: Israel, 459; US, 2,598.

    Nuclear Warheads: Israel, up to 100 warheads delivered via Jericho, 1 and 2 missiles; US, 432 SLBM in SSBN and 550 ICBM.

    I must admit that the Israeli Army has more than enough fire power to bully around elementary school kids with a hand full of gravel, but as far as them being a serious military power like the United States, Asian countries like North Korea, China, or even India, come on!

    If the author of this piece, David Wood, published by Newhouse News Service, really wanted to alert his readers to the realities of the world we live in, then he should have called attention to the fact that the Communist Jews are running the show here in the good ole USA, making the US military at the disposal of Tel Aviv with a mere snap of the finger. Then he would have had a story, but as it stands, we are forced to simply mark one up as a latest tidbit for the Mossad propaganda archive.

    Not to mention that American forces and money are constantly being sapped in order to support the state of Israel. Israel and the problems it causes with its neighboring nations takes more than half of the "U.S. bilateral foreign aid budget world-wide" (Richard Curtiss, "The Cost of 'Occupied' Israel to the American People"). Israel, with a tiny population of only 5.8 million, has consumed American aid, money, attention, and military might since its inception in 1948. According to Richard Curtiss,

    "Between 1949 and 1998, the U.S. gave to Israel, with a self-declared population of 5.8 million people, more foreign aid than it gave to all of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, all of the countries of Latin America, and all of the countries of the Caribbean combined, - with a total population of 1,054,000,000. In the 1997 fiscal year, for example, Israel received $3 billion from the foreign aid budget, at least $525 million from other U.S. budgets, and $2 billion in federal loan guarantees. So the 1997 total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel was $5.5 billion. That's $15, 068, 493 per day, 365 days a year."

    Mr. Curtiss continues his article outlining the upward spiraling costs of US support of Israel, and finally concludes that:

    "the cost of Israel to U.S. taxpayers rises to $134.8 billion, not adjusted for inflation. Put another way, the nearly $14,630 every one of 5.8 million Israelites received from the U.S. Government by October 31, 1997, cost American taxpayers $23,241 per Israelite. That's $116, 205 for every Israeli family of five."

    These figures do not include the billions of dollars stolen from the American taxpayer through Jewish corporate raiders, the gutting of American industry, and shipping our jobs to third world countries; it does not include all of the secret billions of dollars unaccounted for in the name of National Security. One question that we American tax slaves need to be asking ourselves is, What is happening to the money from these supposedly stable international corporations that we are now seeing suddenly go under - wiping out billions of dollars in retirement funds and hundreds of thousands of jobs, all due to Jewish mismanagement and raiding? What happened to the billions of dollars lost in the WorldCom and Enron fiascoes? Someone needs to tell Mr. Bush that it isn't enough to hypocritically go on television demanding honorable ethics in the business place, when he himself is in bed with the Zionist, Tel Aviv mafia. For example, in 1999, WorldCom was valued in the stock market at $181 billion. That means that American citizens and investors had $181 billion of their money in that company. Just barely 3 years later, as of this writing, WorldCom is valued at $495 million. This means that American investors have lost stock mark valuation of over $180 billion in just this one company, due to mismanagement by the Jews that run it. Where does this money go? WorldCom also owes $17 billion to Jewish bankers. That's where the money goes - from American citizens duped into investing in a company, which has been operating illegally, into the pockets of the Tel Aviv mafia raiders. This same story has been repeated with Enron, Dynegy, Rite Aid, MClone, Global Crossing, and countless other companies which have not yet been caught.

    The Jews aren't hurt by these stock market tumbles, because they benefit from their traditional insider trading, some of which is just now coming to light in the Jewish media, only because so many hundreds of thousands have lost their shirts. These are not rich investors who are losing their money in these corporations. They are tens of thousands of employees whose pensions and retirement plans are tied up in the stock market in these corporations. Many of these same people have helped the Tel Aviv criminals get in position to screw America. Here is the bottom line. Even if you goyim pay worship to the Jew, when he is through using you, he will destroy you in the same way he seeks to destroy those white Christians who stand up to him.

    Other costs to Americans due to American support of Israel not included in above assessments are private donations to Israel - up to $1 billion annually, incalculable costs assumed due to boycotts against America by Arabs and Mexicans, costs created by the Arab oil boycott in 1973, and military maintenance in the Mediterranean. Curtiss further states that one estimate many years ago put the cost at $11 billion a year, and foreign aid has since doubled.

    It is apparent that while American's military forces are certainly larger than Israel's, it is no doubt that Israel has been waging war on America in two ways - first by sapping America's resources while garnering unwarranted sympathy from the American people, and by drawing our military away from protecting America to protecting Israel. And while most people refuse to admit it, true American interests are in direct opposition to Israel's interests. In their quest for world Zionism and domination, the Zionist Jews will most definitely become the dog that bites the hand that feeds him. It is just a matter of when. Is not that kind, American hand bloody and its flesh ripped to the skeleton at this moment? If America can no longer serve its purpose for Israel, the Zionist Jews will be able to bring America down from within as they have already infiltrated every aspect of American life and no doubt have Mossad agents placed in high levels of power here in America. This is not anti-semitism, since we support "human rights" for Arabs. This is simply truthful reporting of facts to truly educate the American public. The worldwide Jewish conspiracy seeks to destroy America and is currently destroying America, turning it into the first United Nations territory. In order for our great nation to become a garbage pit of the UN, our beloved constitutional form of government, with its Bill of Rights, must cease to exist. Anyone who helps destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights freedoms is a traitor, whether he is a Jew with dual citizenship, a Protestant or a Catholic.
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