jew, fight fair!

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    The Romans in full view of the crowds in the Coliseum were going to feed a Jew to the lions. They dug a hole five feet deep, put in the Jew standing up and buried him to his neck, so that only his head was above ground. They then let out the lion that was starved for two days. The lion with his mouth drooling went straight for the Jew and circled his prey before eating it. When it got close, the Jew bit it. It yelped and ran away. From the stands of the Coliseum, someone screamed, "Jew, Fight Fair!"

    That Roman now sits in the State Department and the United Nations and every time Israel offers any half-hearted response to an attack on Jewish civilians, he keeps reiterating, "Israel is using excessive force---Jew, Fight Fair!"

    What do they want from us? When Joseph's tomb was ransacked, the yeshiva and synagogue burned to the ground, Jewish holy books desecrated, and Jews barred entry to this holy site, Israel set up a roadblock. Someone from the Coliseum screamed "Jew, Fight Fair!"

    When Arabs tried to kill Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall and banned Jews from visiting the Temple Mount, the site of the JEWS' first and second Temples, Israel again set up roadblocks, and someone from the Coliseum again screamed "Jew, Fight Fair!" Jews still can't go to Joseph's Tomb or on the Temple Mount and Israel still resorts to roadblocks and that someone is still screaming "Jew, Fight Fair!"

    What do they want from us? When a sniper intentionally targets a baby and kills Shalhevet Pass in cold blood, Israel destroys a few buildings. From the Coliseum, someone screams "Jew, Fight Fair!"

    A family driving home from Jerusalem was targeted; the mother and father shot to death and children seriously injured, and Israel "retaliated" by setting up an army lookout at the spot. This lame response only drew a louder "Jew, Fight Fair!!"

    Two boys were exploring a canyon on the side of their town when they were beaten, tortured for hours, their faces and heads bashed in so that they were unrecognizable and their bodies mutilated mercilessly. In retaliation, Israel hunted down the leaders that gave the order to commit this atrocity, and the Coliseum is roaring with "Jew, Fight Fair!!"

    In contrast, the U.S. sent over a thousand armed law enforcement officers in with heavy equipment and killed, instead of arresting, the Branch Davidians of WACO. Janet Reno admitted it, but called it a mere "show of force." In retaliation for the undisputed excessive force in WACO, there was a bombing in Oklahoma. Soon they executed the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh.

    Yet those bombers that exploded buses and marketplaces in Israel's major cities---Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Hadera, Petach Tikvah---go free. While Israel's streets are strewn with scattered body parts, Israel blows up some vacant buildings and sets up yet more roadblocks. The State Department considers that excessive force and George Mitchell and his "Report" screams "Jew, Fight Fair!"

    You know what they want from us? They want us to react to the Arab murderers the same way that we did to the Nazis who tortured, mutilated, and killed over six million of us. Do NOTHING! We are too civilized to respond directly to the intentional slaughter of children and we even applaud granting the Nobel Prize to the killer of the Ma'alot children and numerous other women and children.

    No, we Jews are civilized and after the Arabs kill the last Jew in Israel we are expected to collect money to make yet another memorial dedicated to the memory of murdered Jews THIS TIME at the hands of fanatic Arabs with genocide on their minds. If we do anything to avert this second Holocaust upon Jews, someone from the Coliseum will scream...

    When the State of Israel came into existence in 1948, its leadership proclaimed she would become "The Light Unto All Nations" ... taken right out of the Old Testament's Book of Isaiah 42:6 & 49:6. They should have known better! Nations exist for self-preservation but certainly NOT to show the way to other nations! And whenever a Nation sets herself up as a model which she can not possibly ALWAYS live up to, the world will never stop hounding her.

    Israel lives in a fanatical neighborhood in which the surrounding Arabs Nations are bent on her total annihilation. The Jewish people have paid their dues and it's time to extinguish that Light. It's time to start behaving like normal people who recognize their enemy and start fighting Fire with Fire. Let THAT be their NEW Light!


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