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Jetset vs Harvey World Travel

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    These two companies make interesting reading, from my limited knowledge they look like this :

    Market Cap - Jet $15.5M HWT $ 22.9
    2002 Profit - Jet (750k) HWT (892K)
    Net Assets - Jet $9.3M HWT $5.3M
    Net Current Assets - Jet $2.1M HWT ($3.5M)
    Net cash increase 2002 - Jet $2.2M HWT ($5.5M)
    Cash at bank - Jet $4.4M HWT $3.1M

    Share Price - JET 18c HWT 61c.

    Jet looks way undervalued to me, it has a lower market cap, despite making smaller losses at present and seems to be moving towards profit, with a higher net assets, more cash at bank, showing an increasing cash flow and with a far greater proportion of asset value as current assets than HWT.

    I'm no accountant, am I missing something in the numbers ?

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Currently unlisted public company.

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