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    Is comparing Jetset Travelworld (Note: Travelworld was not Traveland - they may have taken on some Traveland franchisees from the collapse but others went to Jetset, UTAG, Harvey World Travel) to Flight Centre really the best idea?

    I'm not sure especially when one is a wholly owned company and the other a marketing company of travel franchisees. One has a lot more control over its destiny than the other. eg. If management decides to implement a strategy it has the power to do so whereas the other has to get the support of the franchise network which could turn out to be detrimental to your growth especially by what could be perceived as over cautious franchisees whose returns aren't big compared to other retail areas. In some instances you could need as much as 80+% in support from the network to get the green light (is this true democracy).

    As for Sintack Pty Ltd have ties in the travel game with consolidation. Consolidators are a dying breed as the likes of Jetset Travelword etc look to making more profits by cutting out the middle man if possible. My guess Sintack have bought in due to the changes occurring in the travel industry.

    I'm not sure you will see those income streams flow through initially either. I agree it is good to see they have management with travel experience but there will be changes for them as they streamline their business to cater for both Jetset coming into the group since their purchase from Air NZ and the existing Travelworld Group and how they place both companies in the general market.

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