jesus was gay, says academic

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    Jesus was gay, says academic

    Jesus Christ was gay because of the position of the planets at the time of his birth, a Brisbane academic says.

    Rollan McCleary, who was awarded his doctorate from the University of Queensland, also believes one and possibly three of Jesus's disciples were also gay.

    Dr McCleary, who will launch a book on his findings, said he based his opinions on St John's gospel and on Christ's astrological chart based around the date, place and time he was born.

    The former Paris radio broadcaster, Hong Kong teacher and graduate of London University, now based in Melbourne, said "one or two queer theologians" had attempted to argue Jesus was gay in the past.

    "People haven't taken them very seriously because they don't have any evidence and they say things so sensationally that people are not really going to listen or just be very angry," Dr McCleary told ABC radio.

    "What I'm doing is showing a much more theological and also astrological dimension on all this which will make a lot more sense to people."

    He refused to name which disciples he believed were gay, saying people would have to read the book.
    "Let's work that one out when the book comes out," Dr McCleary said.
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