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    We’re born alone, we die alone. And in between we spend our lives looking for something, a connection. That’s all we want. Every once in a while we might find it, in a true friend. Many friendships will come, only to fade as quickly as a firework. But some, a rare and precious few, turn life up to 11 and keep it there. You got to hold on to friends like these because, just like air, you’ll miss them when they’re gone. No one else gets “it” but they do. Cause they know what’s in your soul, your heart, your mind. They can blindside you - come out of nowhere but you’ll know them right away, you’ll click as perfectly as a jack plug into an amp. They’ll know what you’re thinking before you’ve thought it, anticipating your every move. They’ll understand the demons as well as the angels inside of you. Never judging you for it either. And together, you’ll uncage a thrill that makes you surge with life. But don’t be fooled: friendships are not easy. You’ve got to put the effort in and take as good care of them as you do your own flesh. There will be good times and epic, adrenalin filled challenges where it seems there’s no way you can make it. But, if you trust in one another and commit, you’ll find a way. Coming through together, closer, stronger. Even so, you, they, the world in time, everything and everyone changes. Slowly that boiling energy of young friendship will cool and be replaced by the bonds of a deep, mutual history, complete with the scars that tell the stories of a lifetime well lived. It’s as inevitable as ripples altering their size. So don’t fight it, go with it. Ride it out. Together. Just like Jeffsy and I.

    —Christopher Walken
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