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    Jeff Kennett nails it!!
    Gillard will rue the day that she invited the Scottish headkicker to do the dirty work for her.
    The fabric of the nation is being seriously damaged by this irresponsible, self centred woman.
    WHAT sort of country are we becoming, when our Prime Minister becomes so desperate that she uses her gender to deliberately and personally attack her opponent in the most unbecoming way in Parliament.
    To accuse Tony Abbott of being a misogynist, a hater of women, is as irresponsible as one can get.
    It is a charge without truth and an insult to Abbott’s wife, Margaret, and his daughters.
    But clearly our Prime Minister has no respect for the truth or the office she holds. Life is all about Julia, her interests, her desire to survive.
    Her hatred of Tony Abbott is palpable. It overrides her role as Prime Minister.
    Julia Gillard and the party she leads have failed every measure of good government.
    She now has only personal invective left in her arsenal on which to base her argument for re-election.
    Some readers of this column will remember Robert Menzies when he was prime minister, and Arthur Calwell the leader of the opposition at the time.
    Never did they personally denigrate their opponents. It was always about substance and policy.
    Prime minister Gough Whitlam and his opposition leader, Malcolm Fraser, never stooped to personal attacks, even during the constitutional crisis.
    In fact, Fraser was once presented with a speech prepared by a speech writer that described Gough Whitlam as a git.
    Fraser had the word removed as he considered it inappropriate.
    Howard, Beazley and Crean never referred to each other in such personal terms as the Prime Minister is currently using, either.
    No one is perfect, we all make mistakes from time to time, but I cannot remember a time in politics where there have been such sustained periods of personal abuse.
    If we Australians are not careful, our politicians will come to believe that we accept and support such behaviour. That would be totally unacceptable in an educated society.
    MANY of you will have heard me on many occasions defend the Prime Minister.
    As recently as last Thursday on my weekly radio segment on 3AW I defended her against what I thought was unfair and unwarranted coverage in this paper when she tripped and fell in India.
    While differing on many of her policies I have publicly supported other initiatives such as the proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme.
    I have always got on personally with her, and she has always supported my work with beyondblue.
    I offered assistance to her partner, Tim Mathieson, when he was being attacked by the Opposition when he was appointed an ambassador for men’s health.
    Assistance that was accepted.
    In my post-parliamentary life I have worked with many people on both sides of politics.
    I have often given Julia Gillard the respect her office deserves.
    But this latest abuse of her office has somehow broken my spirit.
    I have given up.
    Sadly, I have lost respect for her.
    I can hear some of you say, well, what would you expect?! Kennett Liberal and Julia Labor.
    True, and I never voted for Gough Whitlam and Paul Keating, but to this day I have great personal respect for them both, and still from time to time catch up with them and enjoy their company.
    I WILL no doubt cross paths with Julia Gillard in the future, but I will never again respect her for the standard of leadership she is providing this country.
    It is personal, it is bitter, it is divisive, and it is short-sighted, and it is simply unprofessional.
    Julia Gillard is insulting and demeaning the high office she holds.
    No prime minister of Australia has demonstrated, through the choices they have made, to have been so unsuitable.
    Jeff Kennett is a former Victorian premier
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