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Jeff Bruner (President HempBlack) Sues Ecofibre, Wallace & Board, page-6

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    You really are all in for Team Wallace, contradictions be damned, huh? Earlier, you're suggesting that it's wrong for Bruner, a man, to try to oust two women from the board, and now you are suggesting Capano is full of sh*t and we shouldn't believe anything she says about Wang? Some great defender of women you are. Regardless, doesn't seem like you read the complaint closely (not really your habit, it seems). You think Wang just coincidentally resigned immediately after an internal investigation into the complaints of THREE whistleblowers against him? Capano's views on the finances re EOF are based on her work with a professional independent evaluator and probably the Company's CFO and accounting staff. The complaint doesnt say she arrived at these conclusions on her own, though it does say leadership acknowledged the very financial errors she raised, including Ecofibre's misappropriation of EOF funds. Not sure what Capano's qualifications matter when the Company admits that her analysis is correct. But I guess you just missed those allegations, too, eh? Regarding the evaluator for EOF Bio, the the company retained and fired them when they decided a proper evaluation would make them look bad - are you just selectively ignoring those allegations?

    As to your last completely bizarre comments, of course Capano is towing the company line in a video 12 months ago (well before any of the real problems here occurred) - do you not believe that women suffer from harassment in silence in order to keep their jobs? And look what happened - as soon as she opened her mouth, she was fired! You cannot seriously need more of an explanation as to why the victim of sexual harassment might stay quiet to avoid losing your job when the moment she speaks up, she's sidelined and terminated.

    And micro flashes of the whites of her eyes? Seriously? You're really grasping at straws here. Tell us what your tarot cards say about this. Not sure how you can look at a complaint with this much detail and suggest that it's "not much or nothing." I guess the only woman you believe is Wallace. Maybe she'll autograph a photo for you at the next shareholder meeting!

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