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    Jeff Bruner, President of Ecofibre Advanced Technologies (EATI) (formerly Hemp Black and formerly TexInnovate), and Mehdi Ghafghazi, VP of Development and Commercialization of EATI, joined as CO-PLAINTIFFS along with Dr. Alex Capano in her lawsuit against Ecofibre, Vanessa Wallace, Michele Anderson, Bruce Robinson, Robin Sheldon, and Jonathan Brown.

    And guess what? THIS HAPPENED A MONTH AGO. 16 April 2024. A month of TOTAL SILENCE from Ecofibre and its Board that Jeff Bruner, the President of the Company's MOST IMPORTANT DIVISION joined a lawsuit SUING ECOFIBRE AND THE BOARD for:

    1. Breach of Contractual Standard of Care
    2. Fraud
    3. Equitable Fraud
    4. Breach of Operating Agreement
    5. Breach of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
    6. Unjust Enrichment
    7. Tortious Interferences with Contractual Relations

    The Company has unequivocally positioned Ecofibre Advanced Technologies/HempBlack/TexInnovate as the MOST IMPORTANT business line, but has been silent for WEEKS that its most important innovator and executive is SUING the Company and the Board? What a total joke. And I'm not exactly sure of Mehdi Ghafghazi's role, but VP of "Development and Commercialization" seems rather important for the business, and he's suing too.

    Does new "interim CEO" who is being paid a per annum rate of $520,000 USD (WOW!) have a plan to deal with this? Will he be more transparent than the Board? This is, frankly, stunning. How is Wallace still in place?

    Here is a link to the public version of the Amended Complaint my Yank contact sent to me today, reflecting Bruner and Ghafghazi's addition as co-plaintiffs with Dr. Capano. It is, of course, heavily redacted by Defendants. Just think - if they were willing to hide the mere fact that Bruner and Ghafghazi are now suing them for over a month, what do you think they are hiding with their redactions to the Amended Complaint?! THE MARKET DEMANDS ANSWERS. Link:


    Unbelievable. Anyone who thought this Board might turn things around should rethink their position. Without Bruner, this Company collapses.
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