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japans nuclear reactors

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    Total number of reactors 54

    Total number offline for checks or maintenance 52
    since march 2011

    Total number of reactors online 2

    remaining 2 online reactors will be offline for checks and maintenance from early May

    Nuclear power supplied 30% of japans electricity before the crisis
    Prime minister Yoshihiko noda has vowed to get understanding of local residents,many made wary by the worlds worst nuclear accident in 25 years,before giving the go ahead to restart the reactors.

    Summer MAY well see furthur power restrictions especially in the east and northern eastern japan.as was the case last year.

    A poll of 21 mayors and 13 governors whose localitieshost Japans 54 Nuclear reactors showed 9 mayors were willing to approve RESTARTS on condition of added safety assurances or steps.

    Eight mayors were undecided but also want steps.

    Six mayors ,including 4 of the above cited a thorough probe of the causes of the crisis at Fukushima plant as a precondition for restarts

    ALL 11 governors also wanted safety assurances and /or a complete probe into the accident

    Fukushima Governor declined to reply BUT stated he wanted HIS region to become a model for a nuclear free society...

    Now thats one governor with his head in the sand who was responsible for his region being ground zero.....how he's managed to keep his job is a miracle...his new stance sounds like an election promise OR he's VOTED out..

    japan can't afford any other source of energy as it would push up the cost of living and production costs for its manufacturing sector.
    Already japanese companies are moving to other countries....so will they end up like Australia...a country of importing consumers...and a rising trade imbalance

    At least Australia has the saving grace of a huge minerals export industry...japan does not....

    Japan will go back on line ...one way or another...but for now we don't have to worry about any more incidents that would affect our share price......that's a positive for pdn for now

    Polls have close in Qld and now eagerly awaiting positive LNG results....

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