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japanese well 10 mil cubic ft gas a day

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    sue you say psi means nothing well guys read this little tit bit and you mat get very excited.......................................Testing at the Kami well has now been completed. The reservoir was perforated between a measured depth of 13,323 to 13,384 feet and the well was opened to flow up 2 7/8 inch tubing through a 10/64" choke. A sustained flow rate of 7.014 mmscfd of gas and 154 bpd of condensate was measured with no water. Shut-in tubing pressure prior to flowing the well was 8,389 psi. The flow rate observed was obtained with a very small draw down of 353 psi and a flowing tubing pressure of 8,036 psi. The low draw down across a narrow choke suggests that the well is capable of producing at much higher rates. Following testing, the rig has been released.

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