Japan to awaken very soon.

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    Japan has been asleep for ten years or more since their stockmarket/property crash.Recent events will probably awaken them from this sleep because terrorism can interrupt Japanese imports and exports.Japan has always been militarily active when supplies of raw materials were threatened or the export of their goods to the world.With Australia under attack,Indonesia looking unstable,Philippines continuing their battle,and N.Korea revealing a nuclear program,Japan cannot afford to stand on the sidelines looking on.Their 'peace' forces are substantial and would be effective in attack mode.Although their constitution does not allow external use of their forces this may have to change.America may be stretched to the limit if the terrorism becomes more widespread.China is also in our region economically and geographically and will be taking interest in events.We may not be as isolated as we imagine,these two countries will not allow their supplies of raw materials to be threatened.
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